We engineer glass forming machines

1. Tube loader

Our glass tube system is a highly developed technology. It allows, with maximum precision, the loading of glass tubes for production units of Vials, cartridges, ampoules or syringes.


2. Forming machine

It is the heart of every glass conversion machine. It plays a decisive role in the success of the final product. The perfect synergy between the mechanics of the components, the management of burn times in relation to the physics of the materials allows determining a perfect balance between the parts that allow the achievement of an excellent result.


3. Visual inspection system

Sophisticated monitoring systems on board of each production line. They allow the use of visual artificial intelligence to digitally monitor vial, cartridge, syringe, ampoule. Absolute quality is guaranteed.


4. Cooling section


5. Total lenght and bottom concavity gauging heads


6. Silk screen printing station on vial body


7. Stress relieving furnace

Infrared cameras for controlling the transformation of glass inside the oven. Live monitoring allows a sophisticated analysis of each product. The guarantee of the result is obtained through a monitoring phase.


8. Cosmetic defect inspection system


9. Automatic packing unit

The automatic palletizing system to complete the production line saves storage management time and guarantees correct handling without errors in the subsequent phases of the distribution chain. Through an automatic robot the vials, ampoules, syringes or cartridges are arranged in the appropriate spaces for the subsequent packaging.