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Ampoule / Tau36

Ampoules for injectables, Form B, C and D.

High speed ampoule production unit

Main Characteristics

  • Carousel with 36 chucks;
  • In-line first bottom of a new tube;
  • One stem system;
  • Solid structure for the main body of the corousel;
  • No glass to glass contact throughout the full cycle;
  • Homogeneous heat distribution right across the product path of the oven, thus allowing the good annealing quality;
  • Mapping for all the product through the entire process;
  • PLC to monitor and control all machine sections;
  • Powerful touchscreen for user friendly central operation;
  • Equipment qualification according to GAMP 5 and GMP.

Productive Capacity

  • Gross hourly output (single forming): up to 6.000 cycles

Work Range

  • Range of ampoule: Ø 8,75 – 22,5 mm (other working range upon request)
  • Range of overall height: 60 – 159 mm (other working range upon request)

Product types

  • Ampoules for injectables
  • Form B, C and D

Main Characteristics

  • Dimensional visual inspection system by camera for the ampoule profile, directly onto the forming machine;
  • Silk screen printing;
  • Color ring, color break;
  • OPC, cut at the constriction and point printing on the bulb, for easy break;
  • Cosmetic and printing inspection by camera;
  • Automatic packing in parallel or in nested configuration.

Productive Capacity

  • Gross hourly output: up to 6.000 cycles


  • Total net weight: 8.080 kg


  • Lambda-T (tube loader): 1,5 kW
  • Tau 36 (ampoules making machine): 3,5 kW
  • Tau-WL & Tau-WB (after-forming line): 17 kW 
  • Omega-T (automatic packing unit): 3 kW
  • Compressed air consumption at 5-6 bar: 120 m3/h