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Engineering Solutions

Euromatic is a world-wide known company in the production process of glass working.

Feasibility study, technical and economical proposal
Design + Production of parts
Logistic, Assembly, Cabling & Software
FAT/SAT + Service
Euromatic Glass Forming Machines
The engineering and R&D teams are dedicated to find technological state of the art solutions to convert glass tube into vial, cartridge, syringe and ampoule.

Tube Loader

The Glass Tube Distributor allows the loading of glass tubes with frictionless contact between tubes for the production units of Vial, Cartridge, Syringe, Ampoule.


Forming Machine

Euromatic Forming Machines are famous for their high levels of equipment efficiency and production quality, due to the synergy between the mechanic and electronic components.


Visual Inspection System

Sophisticated monitoring systems for Dimensional and Cosmetic inspection by camera allow an in-line 100% control of Vial, Cartridge, Syringe, Ampoule.


Cooling Section


Dimensional Inspection onto conveyor


Silk screen printing station on vial body


Stress relieving oven

Annealing Oven guarantees a homogenous temperature distribution through the mesh belt carrier system.


Cosmetic defects inspection system


Automatic packing unit

The Automatic Packing Unit with friendly user interface is a flexible solution to load different box sizes according to the customer needs.